दिल्ली घराना ओर साहिल "दास्तानगोई" में साथ आये, पहली बार होगा ऐतेहासिक शो, यहाँ बुक करें टिकेट

DastanGoi, Dastan-e-Amir kusrow.

दिल्ली घराना ओर साहिल "दास्तानगोई" में साथ आये, पहली बार होगा ऐतेहासिक शो,

दिल्ली। देश की राजधानी दिल्ली में पहली बार एक ख़ास तरह की दास्तानगोई का प्रोग्राम होगा। दास्तानगोई अमीर खुसरो साहब की शख्सियत पर होगी। इस दास्तानगोई में पहली बार सूफियाना, फोक, फीजन ओर ओपेरा म्यूजिक का इस्तेमाल किया जाएगा। ये शो बहुत ही ख़ास होगा. इस शो में ओर भी बहुत कुछ ख़ास होगा और कुछ 

ये प्रोग्राम 7pm. 25 दिसम्बर को श्री राम सेंटर ऑफ पिरफॉर्मिंग आर्ट्स मंडी हाउज़ नई दिल्ली में होगा।

This show is attempt to showcase Amir Khusrow’s life and glory through storytelling 
and music. 

Amir Khusrow in the late 13th century, was a legendary Sufi, Musician, Historian, linguistics, scholar and the Royal poet in the court of seven kings. He's an iconic figure in 
the cultural history of South Asia. He was a mystic and a spiritual disciple of Sufi Nizamuddin Auliya.

Khusrow wrote and introduced Sufi geet, ghazal, tarkib-band, masnavi, qata, rubai, do-baiti, keh-mukarni, Pheli, Dastaan, legends etc. 

(which have now become a part of popular culture in South Asia.)

He invented many styles of Poetry and Music like Qool, Qawwali, Qlbana, Tarana, Ghazal geet, Nkash-gul, Bahar, Bseeth, Tirwat, Chaturang, Suhela, Swela, Mukhamms, Khamsa, Shehr ashoob, rubayiyaat e peshabaran, sanat e munkalib, 100's of raaga-ragni and many more.

All these works by Khusrow made India proud and leading luminary in the world of Poetry and Music.

DIRECTOR. Iqbal Ahmed Khan

He is an Indian classical vocalist and Ustad of Delhi Gharana of music.  He is keeping up the family traditions as an active promoter of Amir Khusro's musical works. He Awarded International Amir Khusro Gold medal 1966, Honored as Youngest Vocalist of the Country by Andhra Pradesh government 1970, Given the title “Best Classical Singer of the Stage” by Shobana Arts of Delhi 1974.

Given the title of “Gaayan Acharya” by Sangeet Saiwalaya Bodhgaya (Bihar) in 1993, and “Sangeet Rattan” by Sur Sangeet Samity, Narela, Delhi & “Sangeet Saurabh” by Sangeetaayan, Delhi in 1998.

Received “Priyadarshini Award” 2001 and “Rajiv Rattan Sadbhavna Samman” 2003.

Writter. Syed Sahil Agha
He is an a writer, Author and a well known Indian Dastango (storyteller). 
One of his famous book is Dastan e Hind (2010), the book is a Bunch of his dastan's and Indian folklore, has been performed successfully by the various artists around the Globe.

(Currently awarded- Pradesh Johar Award 2017, Hafeez Meeruti Award 2017)

Special Performance.
• Vusat Iqbal Khan Dastango
• Kabuki Khanna - Lyric Soprano Opera
• Dilli gharana artist
• Singing inventions 

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